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Monday, February 8, 2021 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. This is a great time to take an hour for computer cleanup, get your computer files and machine in order so you can be productive and your devices run smoothly. In 8 easy steps, you can clean your computer and get on with your day.

Computer Cleanup Checklist:

1. Run a full backup on your system. We recommend a cloud program such as Backblaze.
2. Check for software updates for the operating system and programs.
3. Clear Internet data (cache) using a program like CCleaner.
4. Clear the Downloads folder. Move items you need to more personalized folders.
5. Run a deep anti-virus/anti-malware scan. We recommend different plans for different needs, so contact us if you would like help finding a program for you.
6. Run maintenance on your hard drive.
7. Remove unwanted programs.
8. Wipe the computer down with a electronic wipes or a soft cloth with a cleaner sprayed on the cloth.

Did you know that we have a program that does most of this for you everyday?  Give us a call 630-516-1207 or contact us to find out more.

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