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It is no secret. I am not a fan of the Google platform. I grew up on Lotus 1-2-3 and eventually made part of my corporate career out of Lotus/IBM, now HCL Notes.  Who would not want a database connected to your email so you didn’t have to search in multiple places to get your work done? But alas, like the Microsoft Zune, good products sometimes just go south.

It’s been a long time since I have been in that corporate environment and now that everything has gone to the cloud, there are really only two competitors out there for hosted email, Google and Microsoft. Yes, Amazon is there, but I have yet to find a small business client using it.

So in order to help out others like me who can’t fall in love with the Gmail interface, I have put together a few things that I like about the recently updated Google Workspace.

  1. Schedule Send – You write your email at 11 pm and don’t want a response right away because you need to go to bed. The schedule send button allows you send it anytime that is convenient for you.
  2. The Google Drive App – If you are someone who needs to be in multiple Google accounts during the day and on the road, this is for you. The latest update now allows you to sign into multiple accounts at one time. This is a time saver instead of using the browser to upload and move files around in either Finder or Windows Explorer.
  3. Google Meet – This is a quick and dirty meeting tool. You make the calendar invite and then click a button to create an online meeting. No extra sending of links or phone numbers, it is just done. Google Meet has a built in white board so you can have a brainstorming session and save them to your project folders.
  4. Google Shared Drives (formerly Team Drives) –  You need to have Google Workspace to utilize the Shared Drives. Now you can have a cloud-based file system that can be secured with either internal or external google accounts. The recent update now allows you to set security levels per folder.
  5. Inserting a link to a Google Drive document from within an email – Instead of attached that huge file to an email message, now you can search your drive within the email to send the link to the document. A time saver compared to going to Drive first and then creating the email.
  6. Google Sites – Corporate intranets are making their way to small businesses and this is the perfect tool to get information out to your Workspace users and keeping it secure. Similar to Drive, you can restrict users from viewing the site to only people within your organization.
  7. Create a pivot table within Google Sheets – For all of our Excel lovers, this is a huge bonus. Now you can create a pivot table in the hosted application instead of downloading the data, creating the pivot table in Excel and uploading.

Do you have any features of Google products that you love? Comment below and I can add them to our list.


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