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Computer Maintenance

All machines need some level of clean up in order to keep running smoothly. When machines are maintained on a regular schedule, they last longer and problems can be caught early. In our maintenance package, we go a step further after making sure your machine is working properly, by customizing a backup system for you just in case something happens.


Our maintenance package includes:

  • Complete System Diagnostics
  • FREE Enterprise level Antivirus Protection
  • Up to 10 GB Data backup setup (extra available, if needed)
  • Security software check and installation
  • System Optimization
  • Network Clean-up: Check to see if there are good network communications.
  • Software Clean-up: Remove unwanted software files.
  • Operating System, Antivirus, Antispyware and 3rd party software updates
  • Test hard drive for physical errors
  • Antivirus valid and definitions up to date
  • Anti-virus verified to run scan on a schedule
  • Anti-spyware valid and definitions up to date
  • Anti-spyware to run scan on schedule
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Checked computer for Errors
  • Optimize machine and cleanup temporary files
  • Available for both Mac and PC


You cannot beat this deal! Call us TODAY at 630-516-1207 or [email protected] to keep your computer maintained and backed up!

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