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Purchasing our Services

We believe that pricing by the hour is highway robbery. Why? Because we know that if you are a seasoned technician or trainer, you can get something done in a shorter amount of time, which may not equate to a ‘good’ billable rate as some companies may view it.

We practice fair, transparent pricing. You’ll never be surprised by hidden fees and you’ll always be delighted by extraordinary service.

So don’t pay crazy per hour rates that other IT companies charge, choose by service item instead. It doesn’t matter if we are onsite for 15 minutes or 6 hours, the rate is the same.

So how do you charge? 

Training is based on a one- or two- hour block. We know that everyone learns differently so we offer a free 15 minute consultation to assess what you want to learn and what you already know.

Technical support is offered for first time clients on a flat fee basis. After that, we help you get the best plan available to keep you and your data safe. Our Cyber-On-Tap plans include all-you-can-use helpdesk services. Plans vary with the number of devices and number of users.


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