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One-on-One Computer/Technology Training Offer

apple trainingAdvanced technology is everywhere, even in our coffee pots and cooking appliances. And now it seems like it changes almost every day.

How can you keep up? By getting your very own CompUcoach to help you in these very confusing times!

When you book a session with CompUcoach, you can learn any of the following:

  • How to make travel or purchases online while keeping your data private and secure
  • How to shop online and get the best deal
  • How and when to update your iPhone or iPad
  • Use email and send photos or attachments
  • Use Facetime or Skype to video chat
  • Uploading photos and connecting with others on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • How to view books on your Kindle, iPad or tablet
  • How to connect to wifi in public areas such as coffee shops or the library
  • How to use the scanner on your all in one printer (printer not included)
  • How to get a better signal on your iPhone or iPad by using the wifi in your home or on the road

The possibilities are endless. All of our trainers are also technicians so we can address the how-to-do along with fixing any issues along the way.

Request your appointment with a CompUcoach below or call 630-516-1207 today.


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